Recent Work


Statistical Approximation of High-Dimensional Climate Models (with A. Miftakhova, K.L. Judd and K. Schmedders) download


The social cost of carbon with economic and climate risks[revise and resubmit] at the Journal of Political Economy (with Y. Cai and K.L. Judd) download 


Risk of multiple climate tipping points should trigger a rapid reduction in CO2 emissions, Nature Climate Change, 2016 (with Y. Cai and T.M. Lenton) [Link]


- featured in: Van der Ploeg, F. Climate change economics: Reacting to multiple tipping point, Nature   Climate Change, 2016  [Link]


Stochastic integrated assessment of ecosystem tipping risk, Environmental and Resource Economics , 2016 (with D. Narita and O. Wilms)


A nonlinear programming method for dynamic programming, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2016 (with Y. Cai, K.L. Judd, V. Michelangeli and C.-L. Su) [Link]


Environmental tipping points significantly affect cost-benefit assessment of climate policies, Nature Climate Change, 2015 (with Y. Cai, K.L. Judd and T.M. Lenton) [Link]


Stochastic integrated assessment of climate tipping points indicates the need for strict climate policy, PNAS, 2015 (with Y.  Cai, K.L. Judd, T.M. Lenton, D.Narita) [Link]